What Is WordPress?

A Complete & Powerful Content Management System

So if you are asking yourself ‘What is WordPress?”, you have come to the right place.  WordPress is a complete content management system (CMS) and website development platform.  We use WordPress to build all of our websites.  In our experience, there is no other CMS that can match the power, ease of use, dependability and feature-rich excellence of WordPress.

WordPress allows you to create incredible websites with near-limitless features.  In fact, WordPress is used by many extremely famous corporations to develop their websites.  Among these are Ford Automotive, eBay, CNN and many others.

Not Just A Blogging Platform

If you are like most people you are probably thinking ‘blog’ when you hear the term WordPress, but this powerful blogging platform has evolved to become an entire ecosystem where in you can build any kind of website imaginable, from a simple static page to a behemoth e-commerce giant with thousands of products.

There are pretty much no limits with WordPress and it keeps getting better with every update.

A Plugin For Nearly Every Application

Nowadays nearly every type of functionality can be implemented on WordPress. If you are an estate agent, plugins can be added to manage your property listings as you want them displayed. If you are a tour operator, you need a reservation or booking system. Many of these applications are run by what is called plugins and although most are free on the WordPress repository and fairly regularly updated, more complex plugins might need to be purchased together with a support package.

Plugins make your website practical for your clients or visitors. The most common plugins are contact form plugins and the information you want to receive from leads or clients contacting you after hours are easy to setup and changed depending on your needs.

You – The Business Owner – Are In Control

In addition to its powerful features, WordPress incorporates an easy-to-use interface that makes managing posts and pages on your website so easy, literally a child could do it.  When you purchase a website designed by us on the WordPress system, we fully train you on how to manage your site from the WordPress dashboard.   From here you, the business owner, have full control over updates to your site.

If you want to add a new page about your company, or simply write a new how-to article to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge to your market you simply go in yourself and do it.  No longer will you have to call a webmaster, wait days (or weeks) for simple tasks such as these.  You shouldn’t have to and with WordPress you don’t.  More complex changes would require a service call, but most of the routine, day-to-day tasks that you will need on your site can be done by you, even if you have absolutely no knowledge of HTML and coding.


WordPress is, to us, the best and most complete option when it comes to a website development platform.  We run our very own website (yes the one you are on right now;) on WordPress, and cannot wait to show you how incredible it is.

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